We’re creatingwatts next. And it’s ready right now. We’re creating watts next. And it’s ready right now.

We are Lion Electric: A beacon of innovation
for community transportation.

Designing, delivering, and driving a new era in transportation, energy provision, and sustained economic growth.

Lion is North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of all-electric, zero-emission school buses.

  • Lion has a vast experience in the deployment of all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, that means we are in a unique position to have valuable operating data, extensinve experience and a history of technological advancements under our belt.

  • Lion buses are purpose-built and committed to zero-emission. We build our own chassis, body, battery packs and design our own proprietary operating software. Our buses are not retrofitted diesel vehicles. They are born to be electric.

  • Lion has the fastest delivery timeline of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in the industry. We are ready to deliver NOW!

  • Since its creation, Lion's evolution never stopped, constantly innovating and launching new technologies. Lion now offers a various range of products, having achieved such a feat in less than a decade.

Discover Lion's all-electric school bus fleet

LionC - All-Electric, Zero-Emission EV School Buses | Lion Electric


All-electric Type C
School Bus

maximum power

Up to 350 HP - 250 kW


100 mi. - 125 mi.

charging type



**Based on 65% GVWR, on a Rowan University Composite School Bus Cycle.


All-electric Type D
School Bus

maximum power

Up to 335 HP - 250 kW


100 mi. - 125 mi. - 155 mi.

charging type

Level II (J1772) & III (CCS-COMBO)


LionD - All-Electric, Zero-Emission EV School Buses | Lion Electric
LionC in winter conditions | Lion Electric

Operating in cold climates since 2016
Lion Electric school buses have been tested and proven in all types of warm and cold weather conditions.


Clear savings. Cleaner air.


Reduction in
energy costs
Reduction in
maintenance costs +
  • No exhaust
  • No DPF
  • No transmission
  • No oil
  • Fewer motor and body parts

Clean air for our kids
and community.

Lion's all-electric vehicles are
zero-emission solutions.

One all-electric school bus eliminates
23 tons of GHG per year.

Which is the equivalent of
removing 5 cars from the road.

Complete Customer Experience.

Lion Electric offers a turnkey solution to help you manage all stake-
holders and simplify the electrification of fleets for your school district.

Experience Centers.

Lion's multiple Experience Centers are designed to promote the benefits of electric buses and trucks. Our facilities provide the perfect venue for holding training courses, and provide extensive learning opportunities for the EV community. To learn more about electric vehicle capabilities, charging infrastructure, available funding and to test drive Lion Electric vehicles, please schedule a visit!

Lion Experience Centers also serve as parts and service centers, providing Lion customers quick and convenient maintenance solutions.

Moncton, NB Moncton, NB Terrebonne, QC Terrebonne, QC Milton, VT Milton, VT Richmond, VA Richmond, VA Shakopee, MN Shakopee, MN Denver, CO Denver, CO McClellan Park, CA McClellan Park, CA Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL Alhambra, CA Alhambra, CA Richmond, BC Richmond, BC Auburn, WA Auburn, WA

Vehicle-to-grid technology.

Lion is the only V2G solution provider that has been tested today. V2G enables bidirectional charging and provides services such as demand charge management.

V2G is a way to make your EV even more profitable, using it as a generator, and reducing demands on the public grid in high demand periods.

LionC - All-Electric, Zero-Emission EV School Buses | Lion Electric

Lion: a leading OEM of electric transportation.

Lion was founded in 2008 with the intention of revolutionizing the school bus industry. Since then, we've expanded our vision to create, design and manufacture all-electric school buses, transit/shuttle buses, and class 5 to class 8 commercial trucks. Given the current climate challenges, we believe the transition to all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements in our society, environment and overall quality of life.

One of Lion's many objectives is to help educate school districts, fleet operators, agencies, and others about the capabilities of electric vehicles and the current funding opportunities. We have created a curriculum for clean air communities to share our electric vehicle knowledge well beyond our customer circle setting the industry standards for training and service.


19 million
miles driven


Over 1,600
vehicles on
the road

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